Ed Garvey-Long is a Life Coach and Poet

Ed is an ICF trained Life and Career Coach with a Diploma in Integrative Coaching

Hello there! I am an International Coaching Federation Trained Coach. I completed my Diploma in Integrative Coaching in October 2022, I was trained by Become Coaching and Training.

Through coaching I will support you to find practical ways to move forward with the issues you have on your mind at the moment. I will help you to unpack reasons why you have encountered these issues and help you to deal with them in the future.

We can talk about what to do next in your career, recovering from burn out or warding off those feelings of imposter syndrome.

It doesn’t have to be about work, it can be big life changes like moving, coming out or leaving a relationship. It could be that you feel stuck in your life at the moment and you need support getting back on track.

I also run a special coaching programme just for poets called Volta.

Client Testimonial:

“Ed has a friendly and non-judgmental approach. The sessions were organic and allowed me to explore the issues I needed to. Working together has been incredibly valuable. Thank you so much!”

More Testimonials here

Book a free Intro Call with me and we can talk through how coaching works and how we can work together. If you have questions, email me here: hello@edgarveylong.com

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