All Being Well… Talking about “Just”

Just This time we’re talking about a word that from my own past that revealed quite a lot to me about how I viewed myself and my work. All thanks to a chance encounter at a work event. The word is just but it’s in the context of “I’m just an admin guy”. I rememberContinue reading “All Being Well… Talking about “Just””

The Chai Olympiad: RESULTS

Well well well. What a crazy few months it has been knocking about London reviewing Chai Lattes! I have had the secret insider scoop on the chai latte from a barista, been given free drinks as apologies for bad drinks, and moments of pure sweet spicy joy in a fictional Indian train station round theContinue reading “The Chai Olympiad: RESULTS”

Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: Gordon Square

I cross the very busy road at the zebra crossing at the top of Tavistock Square and as I walk the streets get quieter. Crossing onto a quieter corner, I’m in Gordon Square. The gardens here are like a wild meadow, overrun with long grass and flowers. Parts are roped off from the public and allowed to grow tall.Continue reading “Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: Gordon Square”

Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: St George’s Gardens

  St George’s Gardens is tucked away, down a side street across the road from the Brunswick Centre. When you enter the gates and walk down a small slope, you walk into what initially looks like a normal, sort of narrow park. It’s only as you walk further into the space it becomes obvious thatContinue reading “Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: St George’s Gardens”

The Writer’s Walk: Hodge the Cat

Walk Duration: 1 hr 30 mins (including a few rests on benches on the way) Starting from and ending at: Liverpool Street Station Main Attractions: Postman’s Park, Dr Samuel Johnson’s House & Hodge the Cat Church Tally: At least 6 (including a Cathedral)   Start at Liverpool Street Station, outside by the Kindertransport Memorial. WalkContinue reading “The Writer’s Walk: Hodge the Cat”

Alone in Berlin

Landing in the rain in Berlin, the first conversation I had in German was about how hilarious my long hair looked in my passport photo, with the man from passport control. Tegel Airport was tiny compared to the airports in London. I had just flown from Heathrow terminal 5, a stupendous, airy statement of a place,Continue reading “Alone in Berlin”

11 Things I need to tell tourists about the London Underground

  1.You don’t need to press the buttons on the tube trains to open the doors this will do nothing AT ALL and make you look like a tit. HOWEVER you will need to press the buttons on DLR trains and if you don’t this will make you look like a tit. 2. Tottenham CourtContinue reading “11 Things I need to tell tourists about the London Underground”