Alongside being a coach, I am a poet. I have a Masters in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths where I specialised in Poetry. My poems tend to be about Queer Love, Masculinity, London, and Scandinavia.

In April 2019 my debut pamphlet The Living Museum was published by Selcouth Station Press. For me the book is an autobiographical museum tour with exhibits set in three places, London, The Fenlands, and Sweden.  There are poems about love and loss, hope and renewal and dark moments of comedy. We meet Kenneth Williams, Princess Di, and an Elephant who is a piece of ornamental topiary. The book ends with an extended sequence of poems set in Stockholm about a relationship which started at the real living museum, the open air museum Skansen. A place where people dress in historical costumes and educate visitors about Swedish cultural history.

I was very honoured to be a speaker at the Boring Conferencea version of which you can read here. I was a poet-in-residence in a London garden as part of the Re-Mixed Borders scheme run by The Poetry School and London Parks and Gardens TrustHere is my write up of the experience.

In March 2020 I published my first Short Story with Clav Mag, you can read it or hear me read it to you here.

I can be found on Twitter here, where I mainly communicate in drag queen gifs and emoji. When not involved in poetry, I am usually visiting museums, sewing quilts or playing Nintendo games.

Selected Publication History


4 Poems, Goldfish 2: An Anthology of Writing from Goldsmiths, Published by Goldsmiths College.


Things I Miss, RAUM, Vol 1. Issue 2


The Way Queenie Smokes and Why I’m Scared to Let Go of the Papers, Under the Radar, Issue 18, Nine Arches Press


Housekeys, Porridge Magazine, April LINK

Vogue, Perverse Issue 1, LINK

The Taxidermist, Eye Flash Poetry Journal, Issue 3


The Living Museum, a pamphlet of poems, Published by Selcouth Station Press LINK

The Boys at the Next Table and Last Song, Under the Radar, Issue 24 Nine Arches Press LINK

Loaf, Lighthouse, Issue 18


Cackle, Harana Poetry, Issue 4 LINK 

The Very Meticulous Douching Method to Ensure Successful Anal Sex; or Running Clear, A Short Story, Clav Mag, LINK

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