Outdoor Coaching

“Walking is how the body measures itself against the earth” – Rebecca Solnit

Outdoor Coaching combines the health benefits of exercising in the natural world with the wellbeing benefits of being listened to by a trained coach.

I love relaxing in the woods or in a park (often with an ice coffee). I love the sound of the trees, the greenery and just enjoying a slower pace of life.

I am based in Muswell Hill, North London, so the walks I lead are in Highgate Wood, Alexandra Palace Park, or in Central London in the parks of Bloomsbury. On the hour walk we will stop at a bench or stand to admire the view, whenever you wish. We will talk about your life goals, career struggles or big decisions.

Alternatively if you work in Central London and there is a park or even a bench in a peaceful area, get in touch as we can coach there, maybe during a lunch break.

At the moment walks are being offered on weekdays from 11am. Walks will take place in public places and can be catered to your level of fitness. I am dog friendly and very happy to walk and coach with you and your dog(s). The routes we will take are well-known and I will ensure we both feel safe.

As with all coaching, it’s good to have an intro chat before booking. Get in touch so we can discuss any questions you may have and we can see if outdoor coaching is the right fit for you. Sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

If you’d prefer to be coached on Google Meet, have a look at my regular packages.

Coaching ProgrammePrice
A 60 minute Coaching session£30
3 Coaching Sessions£90
6 Coaching Sessions£180
8 Coaching Sessions£240
If you’d like more than 8 sessions get in touch for pricing

A Note on Pricing:

I am aware of the difficulties we are all facing in terms of the cost of living. As such I have decided to introduce new pricing options for those who do not feel able to pay the full standard rate. Usually this sliding rate would only be available for those who are currently not working, in education, working part time, on parental leave or returning to work after a long break. I am currently offering the sliding scale pricing to all new clients.

I do ask that clients consider what they can afford in line with their earnings and living situation and consider others who may also be seeking coaching at this time. If you want to discuss pricing email me and I’ll send you more info.

If you’re interested please email: hello@edgarveylong.com or book in a chat below. The intro chat is free of charge.

Book in an intro chat below or email hello@edgarveylong.com

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