I am a big fan of using Instagram as a collecting and curating tool. Alongside my own personal account (Eddus_Poet) I have several Side Instas where I explore particular visual themes which interests me.

island map

Island_Map is my longest running side instagram account. Inspired by my love of maps and wandering google maps in particular, here I collect screencaps of small islands from everywhere on earth. I research the islands and add interesting details about them to the post. I love the juxtaposition of seeing islands from the Sea of  Japan sitting next to small uninhabited spits of land from Lake Chad.





My second longest running Side Insta is Every_Cuppa where I collect top-down pictures of various cups of tea I have drunk. I usually remark upon what tea was being drunk with what sort of milk and any other important details.



The_Sky_Map is a personal diary of pictures of the sky from where I am standing at various moments.  I never use filters for any posts on this account.



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