Highgate Wood :: Journal 23rd Feb – 28th Feb

23th Feb – It’s still nice to be at home sometimes I’ve not written for a few days out of not feeling like it, out of having a bad few days. I’m on my week off work now. This was such a good idea. The relaxation is very much in full swing, the weather isContinue reading “Highgate Wood :: Journal 23rd Feb – 28th Feb”

Critiques & Commissions

Critiques  I am very happy to be sent work to read and critique, so please get in contact if you’d like some guidance. As a way of compensation for doing this, I’d ask that you buy one or two postcards or make a donation via paypal. One on One Critiques  If you’re based in and around London I’d love toContinue reading “Critiques & Commissions”

Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: Gordon Square

I cross the very busy road at the zebra crossing at the top of Tavistock Square and as I walk the streets get quieter. Crossing onto a quieter corner, I’m in Gordon Square. The gardens here are like a wild meadow, overrun with long grass and flowers. Parts are roped off from the public and allowed to grow tall.Continue reading “Lunchtimes in Bloomsbury: Gordon Square”

Paper Bags from Independent Bookshops: Boring Conference

At the weekend I gave a talk at the sixth annual Boring Conference. “Boring” as those in the know call it, is an all day fiesta of mediocrity, an event packed with tedium where subjects which initially seem hilariously tiresome reveal themselves to be fascinating.  I’m a big fan. My talk was on Paper Bags fromContinue reading “Paper Bags from Independent Bookshops: Boring Conference”

Poetry Postcards

Aren’t they lovely? This is my first set of Poetry Postcards with extracts from my collection The Letters We Sent. The postcards are very much up for sale!  If you would like ONE/TWO/THREE/FOUR in particular paypal me £1 each, let me know your address and which postcards you’d like and I’ll post them to you. If you would likeContinue reading “Poetry Postcards”

Red Lights, Zebra Crossings and Pavements: Cyclists in London

    I wish these things didn’t bother me but they do. Sitting on the bus in traffic on the way into work in the morning. Red lights at Kentish Town, a flurry of cyclists, some in high-vis jackets, lycra and sleek helmets, some on vintage bikes with wicker baskets on the front, some onContinue reading “Red Lights, Zebra Crossings and Pavements: Cyclists in London”

Why are we so weird about being Middle Class?

    Twice last week I had a Mini Mezze Pack from Waitrose as part of my lunch. The first time I got it, I sat in the park on my lunch break looking at it. Unsure why I’d be drawn to it. Olives, dried tomato and cheese were all things I liked but whyContinue reading “Why are we so weird about being Middle Class?”

Two Lives Leading up To Now (30th Birthday Post)

My brain isn’t very good with numbers. I think my mind is more visual than numerical. Being 30 feels very stable and evenly balanced to me. Like if my life were a piece of paper I could fold it in half now and it would have two equal parts of fifteen years. When I wasContinue reading “Two Lives Leading up To Now (30th Birthday Post)”