Part 1 and Part 2 My first German class was in a cramped attic classroom right at the top of my new school. The rooms had been the living quarters of the teachers about twenty years ago. My new school was large and centred around a beautiful old mansion. The sixthform block was across three floors of the mansion. It wasContinue reading “THERAPY: THE END OF THE YELLOW FOLDER (PART THREE)”

Therapy: The Boy With The Yellow Folder (Part TWO)

Every morning on the bus ride in to school as more and more kids got on through the other villages and the town, the taunting grew and grew. Someone would almost always say something. They’d laugh about my hair, try and steal my bag, throw things at my head. It was a school bus, no-oneContinue reading “Therapy: The Boy With The Yellow Folder (Part TWO)”

Therapy: The Boy With The Yellow Folder (Part ONE)

When I was at school I carried around a yellow lever-arch folder. I preferred to carry it rather than jam it awkwardly into my school bag. That rectangle of yellow against the navy blue of my uniform became a shield against everything. When the school first found out I had a crush on another boy,Continue reading “Therapy: The Boy With The Yellow Folder (Part ONE)”

Therapy: Barely an Ex

Growing up gay in rural Hertfordshire was an experience full of longing and misery. Before the internet brought people together it was difficult to meet other gay people, let alone people you could end up dating. Everyone has a small private list of people they nearly dated, someone who never made it past that firstContinue reading “Therapy: Barely an Ex”