Poem: Me and Kenneth Williams

Me and Kenneth Williams We met over suds in the Russell Square laundrette. Afternoons, we lie together on his single bed slacks, socks, shirts and v-neck sweaters on. Watching or not watching each other’s closeness. The national anthem plays on the television. The Beeb keeps us in taxis and sensible shoes. I feel favourite forContinue reading “Poem: Me and Kenneth Williams”

Poem: Vogue

Vogue Whitney Houston, Eartha Kitt Gladys Knight and Bessie Smith. Ellen, Björk, and Britney Jean on the cover of a magazine. George Eliot, Austen, Jane Intellectuals, eternal fame. Nicki Raps, Madonna’s grand Beyonce and Babs Streisand They have style, they have grace Nichelle Nichols explored space. Michelle Obama, Malala too, Hillary Clinton, we love youContinue reading “Poem: Vogue”

Poem: Behind the British Museum

Behind the British Museum The road is closed on Montague Place and a mobile crane has been engaged to sift through the contents of the lorry and hoist up particular blondewood boxes. Anonymous, they sail upward with a slow spin steadied by the neon orange safety straps. Bodies inside bandages inside caskets inside boxes, theContinue reading “Poem: Behind the British Museum”

Poem: why I’m scared to let go of the papers

why I’m scared to let go of the papers A folded boarding card from a flight long completed. The train ticket from the airport into Stockholm central station a stream of small print in Swedish. Suddenly: the clacking of the departure boards. How the American came up to me pointing in his guidebook and IContinue reading “Poem: why I’m scared to let go of the papers”