REVIEW: Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen My rating: 5 of 5 stars I love Austen. Her wit and wry humour is something I have enjoyed immensely for a number of years. Knowing her other novels well, this one does have a slightly different atmosphere and tone at moments. For the first half of the book, itContinue reading “REVIEW: Northanger Abbey – Jane Austen”

Poet On Pop: Saturday Night by Whigfield

Dee Dee na nah nah nah naaaah!  I have long been a lover of a Scandinavian bop with a melancholic streak. Searching back in my history, Saturday Night may have been one of the first that I truly loved. It’s not just the catchy beats and the repetitive lyrics, it was the simplistic (but oddlyContinue reading “Poet On Pop: Saturday Night by Whigfield”

Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara: 1. Music

    “I am naked as a tablecloth, my nerves humming”   I walk up and down Tottenham Court Road finding lunch options slim. I discover when I arrive at a usually dependable last resort lunch spot that the whole shop has been gutted, emptied, even the sign taken off the outside. Peering inside, IContinue reading “Lunch Poems by Frank O’Hara: 1. Music”

Yes, I am still wild for Breath of the Wild

  In the rain, I swoop down on my paraglider, line myself up directly above the giant ogre, then I plummet downwards, thrusting the sword into the ogre’s ugly head. This woke him up. After battling for a few minutes, shooting arrows into his one big eye, he dies and leaves me a cache ofContinue reading “Yes, I am still wild for Breath of the Wild”

A Poet on Pop! Lady Gaga

Successful poems, like successful pop songs have a strong central conceit or metaphor, this is like a central gravitational point which as the piece orbits sometimes closely like Mercury around the sun, sometimes distant like Pluto. The song or poem is a journey of exploring this central point up close or at an obscure distance. InContinue reading “A Poet on Pop! Lady Gaga”

The Chai Olympiad: RESULTS

Well well well. What a crazy few months it has been knocking about London reviewing Chai Lattes! I have had the secret insider scoop on the chai latte from a barista, been given free drinks as apologies for bad drinks, and moments of pure sweet spicy joy in a fictional Indian train station round theContinue reading “The Chai Olympiad: RESULTS”

Two Poems in “Under The Radar”

I am so pleased and excited to tell you that two of my poems, “The Way Queenie Smokes” and “Why I’m Scared to Let Go of the Papers” are feature in issue 18 of the Nine Arches Press magazine Under The Radar. You can read “Queenie” above, I had help editing this in the Advanced Workshop at TheContinue reading “Two Poems in “Under The Radar””

All Write With Eddus: Free Writing

* Free writing is what you’re already doing. It’s writing without self-editing, without self-judgement. It’s writing along on that cusp of conscious knowledge of what you’re about to say that feels like you’re writing what you mean and also discovering what you mean at the same time. Writing out your thoughts, externalising them, placing themContinue reading “All Write With Eddus: Free Writing”

All Write With Eddus: DON’T

  Don’t write. Don’t take your thoughts and place them on paper. Don’t use words to make a thin mesh of reality in yours and someone else’s mind. Don’t imagine. Don’t be taken away on a joke of marvellous thought. Don’t play. Don’t practice. Don’t sing on the page. Don’t dance your hand across itContinue reading “All Write With Eddus: DON’T”