All Write With Eddus: Free Writing

* Free writing is what you’re already doing. It’s writing without self-editing, without self-judgement. It’s writing along on that cusp of conscious knowledge of what you’re about to say that feels like you’re writing what you mean and also discovering what you mean at the same time. Writing out your thoughts, externalising them, placing themContinue reading “All Write With Eddus: Free Writing”

All Write With Eddus: DON’T

  Don’t write. Don’t take your thoughts and place them on paper. Don’t use words to make a thin mesh of reality in yours and someone else’s mind. Don’t imagine. Don’t be taken away on a joke of marvellous thought. Don’t play. Don’t practice. Don’t sing on the page. Don’t dance your hand across itContinue reading “All Write With Eddus: DON’T”

All Write With Eddus: The Morning Of….

    * I write on the bus a lot. If I’m on the bus and not reading or on twitter, I’m writing. I find it’s a good way of sneaking in some writing everyday. I’ve written some awful poems on the bus (“London tourist, / I’m sorry I’m scowling in your prized photograph, /Continue reading “All Write With Eddus: The Morning Of….”