Creative Folk: Luís Costa da Silva

  Bio Luís Costa da Silva is a Mental Health researcher who loves to cook, but also loves orchestras, comic books, taking pictures of buildings, Soviet spies and drawing superheroes. He is from sunny Lisbon, I have been living in London for 7+ years. In this interview he talks about cooking as a magical combination of cultural, social, and gastronomic pleasures, the excitement of sourcing … Continue reading Creative Folk: Luís Costa da Silva

Creative Folk: Joanna Harker Shaw

“When I get stuck with a character I’ll paint them”   Joanna Harker Shaw is a novelist, photographer, and artist.  In this interview they talk about the stubbornness needed to complete a novel, charity shop finds, and combining visual arts and writing. Their twitter is: and their website is:   What is your main creative practice?  Mainly, it’s writing my novel, but I … Continue reading Creative Folk: Joanna Harker Shaw

Eddus Watches: AJ and the Queen

Rupaul’s Drag Race has been a huge success, it’s been on for over a decade with 11 main seasons, 4 all stars seasons, and most recently the excellent UK version for BBC Three.  Unsurprisingly Rupaul has been searching for another project to capitalise on this success, to strike while the hot glue gun is hot. And out of this we had a failed Ellen-Style Talk … Continue reading Eddus Watches: AJ and the Queen

Eddus Plays: Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009/2016)

“I loved Ezio… who wouldn’t want to play as a beautiful, tortured Italian fuck-boy, who is mates (and maybe more?) with Leonardo Da Vinci?”   Having been a Nintendo boy for the past few decades there are whole franchises I’ve been interested in playing that I’ve not been able to until now. Last year, I caved and got myself a PS4 and I’m catching up … Continue reading Eddus Plays: Assassin’s Creed 2 (2009/2016)

Creative Folk: Lori Smith

  “I like the way my brain works when I’m creating something. I get lost in the process of idea construction and realisation…”     Over the summer I interviewed a few friends about their creative processes, as a poet, I wanted to hear from people who were creative in other ways as a way of seeing what we all share as creative folk and … Continue reading Creative Folk: Lori Smith

Polari for Beginners: Unit 1 ‘ello Duckie

Unit 1: ‘ello duckie    ‘ello duckie and welcome to Polari for Beginners, a short little bite sized podcast where I teach you how to speak Polari. I’m eddus your host and your local omi palone    By the end of this unit you will be able to say hello, goodbye and ask people you meet how they are doing. Before we start a quick … Continue reading Polari for Beginners: Unit 1 ‘ello Duckie