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  • A year of gratitude (during one of the worst years of my life)

    Back in January 2022 I was finally exploring my own wellbeing. I had found myself, once again, in a stressful job where I was not at all valued and I recognised that I was in a cycle of finding new jobs, getting stressed, burning out and leaving. I decided I was going to do thingsContinue… Read more

  • 38 Things

    38 Things

    January means renewal, of course. For me it also means having an unfortunately timed birthday. To mark my 38th year on the big blue marble, here’s 38 things I’ve learned over the past year. 38 things  Go on walks as much as possible The sounds of nature are really calming (real or Calm app) TakingContinue… Read more

  • Networking without looking like a selfish maniac

    Networking is much maligned. People find it awkward, weird, boring, intense. But I think it can be a great thing. I just think that a lot of people go into it with the wrong mindset. If you walk into a room of people thinking “well, who can I use as a stepping stone in myContinue… Read more

  • Playing Wellbeing

    Playing Wellbeing

    You might remember in the very early days of the pandemic that lots of people started playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Me very much included: The wholesome atmosphere of the island where you could get to know your neighbours, decorate your house, go have a mooch around the shops to see what’s new in wasContinue… Read more

  • Mind Yer Language

    Mind Yer Language

    I’ve been reading the brilliant collection of essays Why I Write Poetry edited by Ian Humphreys from Nine Arches press. In his essay Zaffar Kunial spoke about getting a word cloud from the text of his collection Us. This is a collection of all the most common words to appear in the text (aside fromContinue… Read more

  • A story about empathy, as told by Rick and Morty

    A story about empathy, as told by Rick and Morty

    MINOR SPOILERS For the Season 6 Rick and Morty Episode “Rick: A Mort Well Lived” If you know Rick and Morty you’ll know the show has a bit of a difficult relationship with its fans, itself, and it’s creators. For me, Rick is one of those characters, such as Walter White or Don Draper thatContinue… Read more

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