I am a poet who  lives in North London. I have a Masters in Creative and Life Writing from Goldsmiths where I specialised in Poetry. My poems tend to be about geography, Scandinavia, and issues of sexuality and identity. 

My work has been featured in the magazines Brittle Star, Iota, RAUM and Under the Radar. Several of my poems were published in the Goldfish 2: An Anthology of Writing from Goldsmiths.

In May 2016 was I very honoured to be a speaker at the sixth annual Boring Conference. A day-long fiesta of impossibly dull subjects that, on closer inspection, reveal themselves to be fascinating, I was proud to present a talk on Paper Bags from Independent Bookshops, a version of which you can read here.

For Spring/Summer 2016 I was a poet-in-residence in a London garden as part of the 2016 Re-Mixed Borders scheme run by The Poetry School and London Parks and Gardens TrustHere is my write up of the experience.

I can be found on Twitter here, where I mainly communicate in drag queen gifs and emoji.

I curate several instagram accounts: Island Map where I find interesting looking islands on google maps and research into their history. The Sky Map where I collect pictures of the sky in various places. Finally, Every Cuppa where I take pictures of all the cups of tea I drink, recording details like brand of tea bag, milk configuration and any other relevant details.

I am also very lucky to be part of an amazing Brunch Club group which writes reviews of Brunch venues in London, here



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